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Introducing "Les Twists"
A patented food packaging technology offering freshest-taste and perfect-texture in a wide variety of chilled and frozen applications
What are Twists and why are they different and better?

   Hand-held microwave cup – single serving or larger
   Separate compartments for principal component and sauce
   The components are mixed only seconds before microwaved for 2 minutes (only for hot products)
   Extremely consumer-friendly: consumer twists lid, microwaves, disposes of lid and eats
   Product out of the microwave has superior taste and texture than other products in which the contents are co-mingled at production.
What is the value proposition?

Twists deliver significant taste and texture advantages over other hand-held cups and similar products, with no actions required of the consumer other than placing the cup in the microwave, twisting the lid, and eating. 

   Wide range of flavors to appeal to all family members / virtually unlimited recipe potential
   Unique to the market
   Ingredients are kept close to their original, healthy, and fresh form
   More convenient than competitive products
   A platform for line extensions, new brands, ethnic flavors, etc.
What is the competitive edge?

Twists are unique because the components are separated until the last few seconds before being eaten by the consumer. As a result, no other product offers “freshest” possible taste and perfect texture. There are no competitors with comparable products in terms of:

Ease of preparation | Convenience | Great Taste | Great Texture | Range of Applications